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Contents Turbed: A Turbulent Behavior Development System News

gluo set of Useful Matematical functions (x)

o gluoFsgn
Sign of the given float number -1, +1
o gluoIsgn
Sign of the given integer number -1, +1
o gluoSwap
Swap the values a, and b usiong temporary variable t
o gluoMin
returns the strict minumum value between the two parameters x,y
o gluoMax
returns the strict maximum value between the two parameters x,y
o gluoClamp
clamps the value X between the range [a,b]
o gluoStep
step [a,b]
o gluoBoxStep
boxstep [a,b]
o gluoSmoothStep
smoothstep [a,b]
o gluoSawTooth
sawtooth [a,b]
o gluoSplineInterp
SplineInterpolation [a,b]


This set of simple matematical or comparison macro/functions are used internally but are publically available as they can be very practical to other programs and can be a great help for the creation of procedural textures.

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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