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gluo OpenGL Useful visual cues, Interface Objects

o gluoAxis
Draws the positive axis of a cartesian system
o gluoPyramid
Draws a pyramid up in the Z axis
o gluoPyramid1
Draws a special one One Unit, linestripe wireframed pyramid up in the Z axis
o gluoArrow
Draws a one pixel tick arrow up in the Z axis direction
o gluoSolidArrow
Draws a one solid arrow/vector up in the Z axis direction
o gluoGrid2D
Draws a one linestrip 2d gritd over the plane XY
o gluoGrid3D
Draws a one linestrip grid over the surface of a Unit cube
o gluoCorner
Draws 3 line corner of a cube in the positive XYZ
o gluoCornerBox
Draws a cornered box, pretty useful for drawing bounding boxes
o gluoLineStar
Draws something that can be seen as an asterisk in 3d, useful to show the location of point lights


This is a set of simple geometric objects designed to be used as visual cues, interface objects or basic visualization building blocks some what in the same spirit as the set of objects in the glu library.

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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