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Contents Turbed: A Turbulent Behavior Development System News
In file gluo.h:

void gluoAxis(GLfloat aSize, GLfloat oSize, GLfloat pSize, GLint label, GLint mode)

Draws the positive axis of a cartesian system


Draws the positive axis of a cartesian system.

Parameters description:

aSize Is the axes length
oSize Is the Origin Cube Size, <=0 if no cube is wanted
pSize Is the Arrow Point and Label size, if <=0 no point is wanted but it can be set to the negative value of the label size if any label must be drawn
label this is the type of label to draw see:
axis label togles
mode This is the rendering mode of the object see: axis label togles

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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