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Contents Turbed: A Turbulent Behavior Development System News
In file newturb.hpp:

class TurbBase

This class keeps a list of fields used for the generation of turbulence (Turbulence Basis)

Public Methods

o CMField()
field evaluation function receives the data and returns a pointer to new data receives the pointer to parameter data and returns a pointer to the anwser data , it can also return the modified values in the input params, void *func(void *¶ms); int func(char *datain, char *dataout);

Protected Fields

oVector min
min, max of field space, anything outside is zeroed,
oMatrix mtrans
Transformation matrix for this field
oMatrix m_inv
Transformation matrix inverse
ofloat halfdist
Drop_off factor...
oCronos timeScale
Parametric time scale (to be sincroed with simulation)
ochar* data
specific field data (to be used by the field eval funcs)
oGDLoad dloader
Dynamic loader for the field func
oCMField* dynfield
load the field from a dynamic thing


This class keeps a list of fields used for the generation of turbulence (Turbulence Basis). it looks into the specified path and loads the field funcs, and loads the relation between fields, energy funcs!!! must be used to obtain the energy spectra and IFFT, to find where turbulence appears it has also the relationship between fields (ie. if voxtex+atrractor=doublet)

This class has no child classes.

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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