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Contents Turbed: A Turbulent Behavior Development System News
In file giniparser.hpp:

class GRPRule: public GPRule

parse groups [name] rule


Inherited from GPRule:

Public Methods

oint Init()
oint add(GPRule *rule)
oint del(GPRule *rule)
oint copyR(GPRule& rule)
oint parse(char *buff, int buffsize, int pmode )
oint putBack(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
oint advance(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
ochar* analex(char *buff=NULL, int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
oint processBuffer(char *buff, int buffsize)
oint startFirstP()
oint startSecondP()
oint firstPass(char *buff, int buffsize)
oint secondPass(char *buff, int buffsize)
ovoid setTokName(char *tok)
ochar* getTokName(void)
ovoid setPassR(char pass)
ochar getPassR(void)
oint operator==(GPRule& rule)
oint compTok(char *buff, int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
oGPRule& operator=(GPRule& rule)
ovoid cleanLists(void)
ovoid print(void)

Protected Fields

ochar* tokName
ochar rstate
oint rcur
o lRules
o lRules1Pass
o lRules2Pass


parse groups [name] rule

This class has no child classes.

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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