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In file gparse.hpp:

class GPParser: public GPRule

This correspond to the top parser tree


Public Methods

o GPParser(int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
default constructor, default buffer size=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE chars
o GPParser(char *name, char mode, int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
Sets the filename of the file to parsed in the specified mode
[more]int Init()
initialize all the basic parser settings
oint setFileName(char *name)
set the file name to open
oint setFileMode(int mode)
sets the file mode to be read
oint setBuffSize(int buffsize)
sets the size of the buffer to be read
oint openFile(char *name=NULL, char mode=GP_TEXT)
Open a file in the specified mode
oint closeFile()
Ends the parsing of the file and closes it
ochar* readBuffer()
read a new portion of the file and puts it in the buffer
ochar* analex()
realizes the lexical analisis of the buffer
oint parse()
start parsing the file (this must be threaded in a future version)
oint startFirstP()
start the specific conditions for the first pass
oint startSecondP()
start the specific conditions for the second pass
oint firstPass()
made the first pass of the parsing
oint secondPass()
made the second pass
o ~GPParser()
clean all memory used for parsing the file

Protected Fields

ochar* fname
oFILE* fhandle
File handle
ochar fmode
ochar fstate
ochar* buffer
Input buffer
oint bsize
buffer size

Inherited from GPRule:

Public Methods

oint add(GPRule *rule)
oint del(GPRule *rule)
oint copyR(GPRule& rule)
oint putBack(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
oint advance(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
oint processBuffer(char *buff, int buffsize)
ovoid setTokName(char *tok)
ochar* getTokName(void)
ovoid setPassR(char pass)
ochar getPassR(void)
oint operator==(GPRule& rule)
oint compTok(char *buff, int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
oGPRule& operator=(GPRule& rule)
ovoid cleanLists(void)
ovoid print(void)

Protected Fields

ochar* tokName
ochar rstate
oint rcur
o lRules
o lRules1Pass
o lRules2Pass


This correspond to the top parser tree
oint Init()
initialize all the basic parser settings. This func must be called after the class creation to initalize the parsing rules/hierarchy its called in the constructor for correct inheritance initalization.

Direct child classes:

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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