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library of some simple but pretty Useful functions and Objects for openGL

ogluo set of Useful Matematical functions
ogluo set of Constants definitions
ogluo OpenGL Useful visual cues, Interface Objects
ogluo OpenGL Cuberille voxel rendering Objects
ogluo OpenGL Easy text printing functions
ogluo Basic Voxelization Functions


GLUO is a simple library/api that contains some nice opengl objects and utility functions to be used as visual cues or manipulators in graphics programs.

It contains some practical matematical functions like min,max,clamp,smooth step, box step, sawtooth, spline interpolation.

It contains opengl representations for objects like grids (2d,3d), vectors, axis, arrows corners, corner boxes (useful for bounding boxes), pyramids, cameras, lamp models, help strings (printf alike), voxel visualisation (cubes with/wout wired superposed).

It also contains some functions for the fast creation of voxel objects as voxel lists or in a voxel grid like: voxel spheres, and Triangles voxelization (useful to voxelize a polygonal object).

last revision date: March 1999

Daniel Barrero (
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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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