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In file giniparser.hpp:

class GIniParser: public GPParser

Generic Windows Ini alike parser


Public Methods

ochar* readBuffer()
Reads a set of characters until CR | EOF | File error
ochar* analex()
Ini file style, custom lexic analyzer
[more]int Init()
Initialize all the basic parser settings

Inherited from GPParser:

Public Methods

oint setFileName(char *name)
oint setFileMode(int mode)
oint setBuffSize(int buffsize)
oint openFile(char *name=NULL, char mode=GP_TEXT)
oint closeFile()
oint parse()
oint startFirstP()
oint startSecondP()
oint firstPass()
oint secondPass()

Protected Fields

ochar* fname
oFILE* fhandle
ochar fmode
ochar fstate
ochar* buffer
oint bsize

Inherited from GPRule:

Public Methods

oint add(GPRule *rule)
oint del(GPRule *rule)
oint copyR(GPRule& rule)
oint putBack(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
oint advance(char *buff, int buffsize, int steps)
oint processBuffer(char *buff, int buffsize)
ovoid setTokName(char *tok)
ochar* getTokName(void)
ovoid setPassR(char pass)
ochar getPassR(void)
oint operator==(GPRule& rule)
oint compTok(char *buff, int buffsize=GP_DMBUFF_SIZE)
oGPRule& operator=(GPRule& rule)
ovoid cleanLists(void)
ovoid print(void)

Protected Fields

ochar* tokName
ochar rstate
oint rcur
o lRules
o lRules1Pass
o lRules2Pass


Generic Windows Ini alike parser
oint Init()
Initialize all the basic parser settings. This func must be called first in the overrided funcs (to assure comments work). This will be improved in a future version. The inherited classes must add their specific group rules ie:
GRPRule *tmp; 
tmp=new GRPRule;
GRPLineRule *lrtmp;
lrtmp=new GRPLineRule;
lrtmp=new GRPLineRule;
after all the subrules added then add the group, this can be recursive if there is a subgroup processing: tmp.add(authoring);

This class has no child classes.

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This software was originally written by Daniel Barrero at the IRIT's Equipe Synthèse d'Images

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